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February 2011
Life Stages Single Door and iCrate?: A side-by-side comparison.

December 2010
Double Door iCrate vs. Life Stages?: This table is very useful for those that like to see the numbers.

November 2010
Need a replacement pan?: Follow these directions if you are not sure which one you need.
Championship Collection Replacement Pans: We have Replacement Pans for the Midwest Championship Series.
Can I Join Together Two Exercise Pens?: You can, and here is some more information about how to do it.
What About Heavy Duty Dog Crates?: They are available, but maybe you should look at the reasons before purchasing.


October 2009
Two Dogs in One Crate?: It can be done, but we do advise caution, and maybe you should consider a three door model.
Great Dane Dog Crates: Yes, we have crates available for your giant breed dog.
We Have Pans for the 89Z: The trick is to measure before you buy.

February 2009
Save Money with the Free Divider Panel: How does it prevent you from buying multiple crates?

January 2009
iCrate or Life Stages Dog Crate?: What is the difference between these two dog crate models?
Dog Crates Made in USA: Yes, really! These are extra sturdy folding crates made in Indiana.
You Have a Bunch of 48" Dog Crates!: So ... what's the difference?
Solutions 54" Ginormus Double Door Dog Crate: At last a giant dog crate with a side door!

December 2008
Canine Camper vs. Day Tripper: What is the difference between these two soft crates?
Announcing: Wireless, electric and underground dog fences and receiver collars by PetSafe and Innotek.
Midwest K9 Kennels: Chain Link Dog Kennels: Safe, secure outdoor containment.
Select 1300TD: The Crate With Removable Doors: Removable doors? What's that about?

November 2008
Price Increases: What's Changed?
Why Crate Train Your Dog?: It's humane and effective
Midwest iCrates: What is an iCrate?

October 2008
Product Updates: Canine Campers, Day Trippers, Vehicle Barriers.
Life Stages, DD and UL: The differences between the different Midwest Life Stages models.
Midwest Dog Crate Pans: About the ABS plastic pan in your crate.
Three Door Dog Crates: The most veratile of dog crates.

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  1. Product Changes

    It's all go here at with some great new products arriving in February. The Canine Camper products are being revamped, along with the Vehicle Barriers.

    Two Door Canine Campers

    Midwest Two Door Canine CamperFirst the bad news: we no longer sell the Canine Camper. Now the good news - it has been replaced with the Two Door Canine Camper and the price is exactly the same. Now you get two door versatility for the same great price as the single door Canine Camper.

    Canine Camper Day Tripper

    Midwest Canine Camper Day TripperWe couldn't leave you without a single door Canine Camper, so we are proud to announce the Canine Camper Day Tripper. This pop-up tent crate has all the features you love in the Canine Camper and comes with an attractive tan finish. Even better news is that they are little less expensive than the old Canine Camper model.

    13N Vehicle Barrier

    We know how much fun it is driving around with your dog. We have a couple of dogs that like nothing more than to go for a truck ride. Up the street, around the corner or on a road trip - they don't care as long they're on board. We know that safety for you and your pets is your top priority, so we offer Vehicle Barriers to keep your pets in place in your vehicle while you travel.

    We used to offer two type of Vehicle Barriers - the Midwest Vehicle Barrier 14N or 15N. With these models, you needed to select the correct barrier for your vehicle. Now we have one model that replaces the both the 14N and 15N

    Annnouncing the Midwest Vehicle Barrier 13N. The 13N has all the fetures of the 14N and 15N, but can be as small as the 14N or as big as the 15N meaning it truly is a one size fits all barrier. So, whether you have a Chevrolet Tahoe, or a Subaru Forrester, you'll find the Midwest 13N a great solution for you.

  2. Life Stages, DD & UL - What's The Difference?

    We get plenty of questions about the difference between the three types of Midwest Life Stages dog crates. Let's start by listing the three different models.

    • Midwest Life Stages
    • Midwest Life Stages DD
    • Midwest Life Stages Ultima

    Midwest Life Stages Folding SequenceNow we'll look at the similarities. They are all folding wire dog crates that fold "suitcase style" for easy carrying and include a carrying handle. Each Life Stages crate comes with a divider panel and an ABS plastic pan and are available in sizes 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inches for dogs 11 - 110 lbs. The series number is is Midwest Life Stages LS16XX and the last two digits represent the size of the crate. For example, a 36 inch Life Stages crate has three variations:

    • Life Stages LS1636
    • Life Stages LS1636DD
    • Life Stages Ultima LS1636UL

    Life Stages and Life Stages DD

    The Life Stages and Life Stages DD are very similar in that they are both medium duty folding crates with a black, electro-coat finish. The primary difference is that the Life Stages crate has a door on one end and the Life Stages DD crate has an additional door on the side. The extra door provides a great deal of flexibility in crate placement. The crate can be place sideways between two pieces of furniture and the side door can be used as the primary door to the crate, or the crate can be placed in the back of your SUV to keep your dog safe while traveling.

    Life Stages Ultima

    The Life Stages Ultima is a heavy duty three door dog crate and it comes in a handsome silver galvanized finish. It offers you the ultimate in flexibility and safety for your dog.

    So - it's quite simple really, and now you know you can check out more details and photographs here:

    Midwest Life Stages
    Midwest Life Stages DD
    Midwest Life Stages UL Ultima

  3. Midwest Dog Crate Pans

    Replacement Pan for Midwest Dog Crate There is no doubt that both owners and dogs love their Midwest Dog Crates. These crates are well made, well designed and last a for very long time. Among all the positive feedback we get, we do get one complaint; the pans. Midwest Replacement Pans are made from ABS plastic. They are tough, durable, and under most circumstances they will last a lifetime. However, some owners report persistent problems with the pans breaking while others state that they last forever. We decided to do some research and find out what is happening.

    The Midwest Dog Crate Pan sits on top of the wire bottom of the crate. If your dog is active in the crate, is heavy, or just stands up a lot it, causes flexing between the ABS plastic and the wire bars of the crate bottom. Over time (and with some dogs that is not long) the constant flexing can cause the pan to break. We recommend putting some cushioning between the pan and the crate to reduce this flexing. Suitable materials may include plywood or cardboard, but in our experience the best material for this purpose is carpet.

    If you have some left over carpet, you can use this, but even if you do not, you can purchase remnant material from a home improvement store very inexpensively. Home improvement stores cut sections of carpet to length for customers, and often what is left of the roll is not big enough for regular resale. These pieces become remnants and are sold at a discount. We recommend a thicker piece of carpet for this purpose. Simply measure the size of the pan and ask for your local store to cut you a piece the same size. To install, simply remove your Midwest Dog Crate Pan and place the cut piece of carpet on the base of the crate. Next, replace your pan and use your crate as normal.

    We hope you have found these tips useful and they lead to extended pan life for your Midwest Dog Crate. If you are in need of a replacement pan, please visit the Midwest Replacement Pans page.

  4. What's so special about three door dog crates?

    Three door dog crates are incredibly versatile. At we sell two different types of three door crates and they both have a number of features in common:

    • Heavy duty construction
    • Included divider panels
    • Fold and carry design
    • Door on each end and one on the side

    The two models available are the Select 1300TD, and the Life Stages Ultima. The Select 1300TD is available in 24 - 48 inch size for dogs 25 - 110 lbs, and the Life Stages Ultima is available in 30 - 40 inch size for dogs 40 - 110 lbs.

    Midwest Life Stages Ultima as a Home for Two DogsThese crates offer the dog owner the ultimate in flexibility. Because each crate has a door on each end and one on the side, they allow versatility in crate placement. These crates are equally useful in the home or in the vehicle (please check dimensions). Because of the extra doors, a divider panel can be fitted in the middle and the crate can be used for two dogs - remember to size the crate appropriately for this application.

    The primary difference between the two crates is in the finish and how the doors are constructed. The Life Stages Ultima offers a bright zinc finish, and the Select 1300TD offers a pewter fleck finish. In addition, the doors of the Select 1300TD can be removed without tools. This is particularly useful where space is limited, or if the crate is used as a sleeping place for your dog, but you want the animal to be free to move about otherwise.

    We think you'll agree that a Midwest Three Door Folding Dog Crate offers the ultimate in convenience, durability and flexibility. In addition, our three door crates are on sale when you purchase the crate along with a Quiet Time Bed. Don't tell anyone - that offer is just for readers of this blog! The discount is applied at chekout time. Hurry, because this offer is combined with free shipping and is available for a limited time only.


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