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Midwest Dog Crate Styles

Midwest dog crates come in a variety of types and styles and in a variety of sizes.

The crates are organized into series, such as the “Life Stages” series, which we call the “Life Stages Training and Travel Crates”, or in numbers, the “1600 Series”

A crate series will vary in size depending on model. For example, the Life Stages crates come in 6 sizes, suitable for dogs from 2 - 110lbs, and in two door configurations: single and double door.

To learn more about a particular series, click on one of the links below and you will be taken to the page containing detailed information about that Midwest Dog Crate series.

Midwest - The Trusted Name in Dog Crates!

Midwest has been manufacturing products for decades, and they pioneered the dog crate market.

Today the Midwest brand still means quality and dependability.

The original, experienced manufacturer of Dog Crates.

Trust Your Pet With The #1 Name in Dog Crates!

Midwest Dog Crate Series

Midwest is the #1 trusted name in Dog Crates due to a history going back decades, and an ongoing commitment to quality and innovation. We've put this information together to assist you in making an informed decision about the crate that is right for your needs. We'll spend some time explaining how the different crates are named with our goal being to help you make the right choice for your dog and your situation.

What is a Dog Crate Series?

Midwest organizes their dog crates into series, and each one has a unique set of characteristics, so we are sure you'll find a crate that is perfect for you. Each of the crate series has a name, such as “iCrate”, and is also given a number, the “1500 Series”. We call it a “series” because it's not just one crate, but is a range of crates varying in size, each size suitable for a range of dog breeds and weights.

Crate Series

Benefits / Who Should Buy

Canine Camper Logo 180px

Array of Four Sizes of Canine Camper Sportable Crates

Canine Camper Sportable™ Portable Tent Crates

Canine Campers are fabric crates, great if you travel frequently with your pets. They feature a sturdy, steel frame, so they are quite tough and durable despite their light weight.

The Sportable™ is the latest generation of Canine Campers from Midwest and features improvements to the door mechanism, folding mechanism, a stronger frame and reinforced corners.

The crates are made from fabric, so Canine Campers will suit your dog if he has a mild temperament. They will not withstand chewing, or scratching for an extended period.

The folding mechanism is very easy, so you'll find the a snap to setup and take down. Combined with their light weight and built-in handles, it's easy and convenient to carry. These crates are highly valued by people who show dogs.

Available in four sizes suitable for dogs from 5 - 90lbs.

Canine Camper Sportable: easy to transport, suitable for mild mannered dogs.

Midwest iCrate Logo 180px

Midwest iCrate Logo 180px

iCrate Inclusive Home Training System

iCrates are folding dog crates made from an electro-coated wire mesh. They are the lightest weight and least expensive of the Midwest wire crates. They are great if you need the security of a wire crate, but want to keep the weight as light as possible for traveling.

The Midwest iCrate has a host of great features: black e-coating for rust resistance; safety rounded corners - so no sharp edges to snag you or your family; free divider panel which allows the crate to adjust for your growing dog; ABS plastic pan keeps spills at bay; folding design fold up and down for easy transportation; carrying handles to help you take it with you.

Due to their lighter weight, iCrates are not the best choice if you have an aggressive dog, or one that suffers from separation anxiety. They do suit dogs that are docile, or that have been crate trained from a puppy.

iCrates are available in two door configurations (single door and double door) and in seven sizes for dogs from 1 - 110lbs.

iCrate: lightest weight, lowest cost wire crate.

Midwest Life Stages Logo 180px

Array showing 7 sizes of Midwest Life Stages Crates

Life Stages Training and Travel Crates

Life Stages Dog Crates have been on the market the longest of all of our folding crates, and there is a reason for it. They offer you great versatility with a combination of reasonable weight, good crate strength, and a proven track record going back almost a decade.

These are the original crates that “grow” with your dog (hence the name “Life Stages”), featuring a free divider panel that adjusts the inside dimensions of your crate to accommodate her size from puppy to adult.

Life Stages crates also have a “fold and carry” design allowing you to fold them down for storage, or transportation. ABS plastic pan to contain spills and messes, secure latching system, attractive rust-resistant black electro-coat finish, and the carrying handles are all included as standard.

Single door and double door versions are available in six sizes for dogs 2 - 110lbs.

Life Stages: a great combination of price, strength, weight and durability.

Midwest Ovation Logo 180px

Array of 5 Ovation Crates

Ovation Sliding Door Dog Crates

Ovation Dog Crates come in five sizes suitable for dogs 11 - 110lbs. They have many similarities with the other crates - they have a black electro-coat finish, include the free divider panel, fold down for easy carrying or storage, and include both the ABS plastic pan and the carrying handles.

The Ovation crate's claim to fame is the patent-pending “Up and Away” door. The door is on the front of the crate and instead of swinging out on hinges, slides up in a secure channel-rail system then folds on top of the crate.

Properly trained, your dog will love his crate. He'll identify with it as his place to stay; his den; his safe place. Often people are surprised that they continue to use the crate once the dog is an adult.

This is where the sliding door design comes into its own. You can lift the door up and out of the way allowing your dog to come and go as she pleases, but then close it quickly and easily when you want to keep her safely contained. The Ovation crate is as convenient for her as it is for you!

Ovation: the dog crate with the “Up and Away” door!

Midwest iCrate Logo 180px

Midwest iCrate Logo 180px

Select Triple Door Dog Crate

The first thing you'll notice about Select Dog Crates is that they are not black! They come in a pewter-gray finish that is both attractive and durable. It is the first of the powder-coated crates, and powder-coating is the toughest finish available.

In common with most of the other wire crates, the Select crates are a “fold and carry” design which makes them easy to store, or take with you when you travel. They also include the divider panel, ABS plastic pan, carrying handles, and a free crate training DVD.

The wire mesh on the Select models is a little closer than it is on the other equivalent crates making for a strong crate that should resist active dogs. They are available in sizes for dogs from 11 - 110lbs.

These are triple-door crates, having a door on both ends and a door on one side. The end doors are hinged on different sides so they swing open differently. The Select crates are very versatile; wherever you need to put it, one of the doors should be easily accessible. The doors are also removable without tools, which means you can let your dog come and go as she pleases, but still put her away when you need.

One feature of triple-door crates is that they can be a home for two dogs. We do not normally recommend crating two dogs together in one crate, but with the Select crates, you can install the divider panel mid-way, dividing the crate in half. The two end doors can then be used for entry and exit, meaning one Select crate may be able to do the job of two smaller-size regular crates.

Select Crates: three removable doors, attractive, durable pewter-gray finish.

Midwest SUV Crates in the back of an SUV

SUV Crates (Side-By-Side Crates)

These crates are also called “Side-By-Side” crates, because the SUV Crates are designed to together in the back of your vehicle. They are a special, narrower style - 21" wide, making the overall width of two crates to be 42", which fits neatly in back of many SUVs and vans.

They feature an attractive, durable black epoxy coating and, like most of the other crates, they are a folding design, include the carrying handles and the ABS plastic pan. They are not intended as training crates, so the divider panel is not included with these models.

SUV Crates are double door crates and feature a door on each end of the crate. This is different from other Midwest two-door crates, because they normally have a door on one end and a door on one side. They come in two sizes, one for dogs 30 - 70lbs, and the other for dogs 71 - 90lbs. 

Because the doors are on the ends of the crates, this means that one door faces inside the vehicle and the other door faces the tailgate. This gives you options on how the dogs enter the crates. For example, on the way to their walk they can enter through the vehicle, but if Fido takes an unexpected swim, or gets particularly dirty, you can send him back in to the crate via the tailgate!

SUV Crates: designed to fit side-by-side in the back of your van, or SUV.

Midwest iCrate Logo 180px

Midwest iCrate Logo 180px

Ultima Pro Heavy Duty Double Door Dog Crates

Ultima Pro Dog Crates are made from our heaviest wire gauge, feature the closest wire mesh spacing and our toughest, most durable powder coated finish. If you're looking for the toughest crate, then the Ultima Pro would be the one!

The combination of heavier gauge wire and closer spacing makes the crate much heavier, and much stronger than some of the other crate series. Model-for-model, the Ultima Pro can be up to 70% heavier than an iCrate, for example. That may also be a factor to consider if you want to move your crate around. These models get pretty heavy with the largest size Ultima Pro 748UP weighing in at 60lbs.

As well as being extremely durable, the black powder-coat finish is smooth and attractive. Ultima Pro is a folding model, featuring carrying handles, free divider panel and an ABS plastic pan. They come in five sizes to suit dogs from 11 to 110lbs.

There are two doors on the crate, with a door on one narrow end of the crate, and a door on one side. 

Ultima Pro: professional strength, heavy duty, double door crate.

Midwest Giant Breed Dog Crate 180px

XXL - Giant Crates for Great Danes and More!

Last, but not least, we haven't forgotten about the really big dogs! These crates are designed for dogs 110lbs plus. They don't go together in quite the same way as the other Midwest crates which we call “folding”, or “fold and carry” design.

The XXL Crates are drop pin construction, which means that the panels are separate and secured together by long pins (drop pins) that you insert down purpose built loops in the ends of the panels. No tools are required, but assembly and dis-assembly is required.

The drop pin construction is very tough and durable and the crates are extremely strong. For traveling there are advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that the panels separate, meaning that you can carry them separately, rather than having to carry the whole crate in one go. Disadvantage is that they come apart, so you have to assemble and dis-assemble the crate, as well as make sure you don't lose any of the parts.

Depending on the model ordered, the crates may, or may not include the ABS plastic pan, but in all cases the pan and divider panel will be available as an option..

XXL Giant Crates: secure, durable dog crates for dogs 110lbs+.

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