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Cat Playpens

Midwest Model 130 Cat Playpen Logo 180 Pixels Wide

Cat Playpens are enclosures designed to keep your kitties in one place.

Do you want to ... keep cats away from sensitive areas, or ... keep them secure while you are away, or ... take cats with you on the road, or ... keep them safe and sound, but with room to move?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, then the Midwest 130 Cat Playpen is a great solution for you.

It has been designed to be super-convenient for you, yet super-comfortable for your kitties!

Midwest 130 Cat Playpen

It is a folding design so you can take it with you on the road.

It has wheels so you can move it around when it is assembled and your cats are inside.

Folds Flat for Transportation!

Midwest 130 Cat Playpen Folded Down With Castors (Wheels) Attached

It features three (3) resting benches and includes one (1) Ultra-Soft Chenille Cat Bed tailor made to fit the resting bench (standard equipment, more available).

Ultra-Soft Chenille Bed

130CB Ultra-Soft Chenille Bed for Midwest Cat Playpen

A tough waterproof plastic pan (tray) in the bottom of the Playpen ensures that you won't have any messy leaks, even if your kitty misses the litter box.

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Midwest Cat Playpen and Accessories

Replacement pans and additional Ultra-soft Chenille Beds are available for the Midwest Cat Playpens.

Products available:

Midwest 130 Cat Playpen
Midwest 130CB Chenille Bed
Replacement Tray for Cat Playpen

Midwest Cat Playpens: Secure & Comfortable!

Cat Playpen, Ultra-Plush Chenille Cat Bed, and Cat Playpen Replacement Pan (Tray)

Midwest Cat Playpen

If you're a cat lover who wants to keep the cats safe and secure when you are not around, then the Midwest Model 130 Cat Playpen is the ideal product for you.

“Herding cats” is not anyone's favorite pastime, and with the great features of the Midwest 130 Cat Playpen, you won't need to ... they'll be right where you left them!

The Cat Playpen folds up and features casters (wheels) on the bottom. Not only can you wheel it around the house, but you can fold it down and take it with you on the road.

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Secure, Comfortable, Clean and Transportable

The Cat Playpen has a waterproof pan (made from a tough and durable material called “ABS Plastic”) so NO messy spills through the bottom if one of your kitties misses the litter box.

Kitty-comfort is of huge importance, which is why we've included three (3) resting benches and one (with more available) deluxe, ultra-soft chenille bed, tailor-made to fit on the shelf.

These beds are designed for your cats, so they are also long-lasting and totally machine washable!

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Midwest 130 Cat Playpen

Midwest 130 Cat Playpen
Ideal for Multiple CatsFeature 3 Resting Benches, Locking Doors, Slide Out Pan, and “Roll & Lock” CatsersIncludes One Bed - More AvailableFolds Down for Easy TransportationFeature Packed - Ideal for the Cat Enthusiast Who Needs to Safely Contain Their Feline Friends
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Midwest Model 130 Cat Playpen Logo 180 Pixels Wide

Safely Contain One, or More Cats!

The Midwest Cat Playpen is perfect for cat lovers who want to keep their cats contained at different times, such as overnight, or while at work.

Includes three height adjustable shelves and one Ultra-Soft Durable Chenille Bed.

Secure door latches open and close with one hand.

Folds Down for Easy Transportation

Although large and sturdy enough for multiple cats, the Cat Playpen is a fold-down construction which is light enough to transport easily.

The Midwest 130 Cat Playpen has a host of features such as “roll & lock” casters, slide out floor pan, resting benches, and a rust-resistant, attractive Black Electro-Coat Finish.

Peace of Mind - They're All Where You Left Them!

  • Folds Down for Easy Transportation
  • “Roll & Lock” Casters for Easy Maneuverability
  • Secure Door Latches Feature “One Hand Operation”
  • Floor Pan Aids Sanitation and Slides Out for Cleaning
  • Includes Three Resting Benches and One Ultra-Plush Bed
  • Durable, Attractive Finish

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Casters (Wheels) Four (4)
Includes ABS Plastic Pan (1), Shelves (3), Bed (1)
Size 36"L x 23½"W x 50½"H
Weight + Packaging 46 lbs
Weight 40 lbs
Wire Gauge 3, 5, 9, 12 ga.
Wire Spacing 1" x 5½"

Replacement Pan for Midwest Cat Playpen Model 130

Replacement Pan for Midwest Cat Playpen Model 130
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Replacement Pan for Midwest Cat Playpen Model 130

This replacement pan is made form tough, durable ABS plastic and is designed to replace the pan in your existing enclosure.

Compatible with Midwest Cat Playpen Model 130 enclosures.

Packaged and shipped straight to your door, this is an orginal equipment pan designed to fit your enclosure.

Stop the Leaks from Your Playpen!

  • Tough, Durable ABS Plastic
  • Original Equipment Quality
  • Designed for: Model 130 Cat Playpen

  • Also Compatible With:
  • Models 141 & 142 Ferret Nation
  • Models 161 & 162 Critter Nation
  • Models 181 & 182 Ferret Nation

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Compatible Enclosure Model
Cat Playpen Model 130
Critter Nation Model 161
Critter Nation Model 162
Ferret Nation Model 141
Ferret Nation Model 142
Ferret Nation Model 181
Ferret Nation Model 182

Midwest 130-CB Ultra-Plush Chenille Cat Bed

Midwest 130-CB Ultra-Plush Chenille Cat Bed
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Midwest 130 Cat Playpen Logo 180px

Add Beds to Your Model 130 Cat Playpen

The 130-CB is a bed identical to the one that comes with the Model 130 Cat Playpen.

Covered with an ultra-soft chenille material, the bed features hook-and-loop straps that keep it in place on the Playpen resting benches.

Designed to work with the resting benches for the Model 130 Cat Playpen

Stays in Place, the Ultimate in Cat Comfort!

  • Fits the Resting Benches of the Model 130 Cat Playpen
  • Ultra-Soft Chenille Finish
  • Hook-and-loop Straps Keep it Securely in Place

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Midwest Cat Playpens

A great solution for you to keep one or more cats in comfort.

  • Folds down so you can take it with you on the road
  • Detachable castors (wheels) so you can move it easily - even when assembled
  • Secure and safe for multiple cats
  • Three (3) resting benches for comfy kitties
  • Ultra-soft machine washable chenille bed
  • Waterproof, tough plastic pan prevents spills through the bottom making cleanup a breeze

FREE Shipping on the Secure & Comfortable Cat Playpen!

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