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February 2011
Life Stages Single Door and iCrate?: A side-by-side comparison.

December 2010
Double Door iCrate vs. Life Stages?: This table is very useful for those that like to see the numbers.

November 2010
Need a replacement pan?: Follow these directions if you are not sure which one you need.
Championship Collection Replacement Pans: We have Replacement Pans for the Midwest Championship Series.
Can I Join Together Two Exercise Pens?: You can, and here is some more information about how to do it.
What About Heavy Duty Dog Crates?: They are available, but maybe you should look at the reasons before purchasing.


October 2009
Two Dogs in One Crate?: It can be done, but we do advise caution, and maybe you should consider a three door model.
Great Dane Dog Crates: Yes, we have crates available for your giant breed dog.
We Have Pans for the 89Z: The trick is to measure before you buy.

February 2009
Save Money with the Free Divider Panel: How does it prevent you from buying multiple crates?

January 2009
iCrate or Life Stages Dog Crate?: What is the difference between these two dog crate models?
Dog Crates Made in USA: Yes, really! These are extra sturdy folding crates made in Indiana.
You Have a Bunch of 48" Dog Crates!: So ... what's the difference?
Solutions 54" Ginormus Double Door Dog Crate: At last a giant dog crate with a side door!

December 2008
Canine Camper vs. Day Tripper: What is the difference between these two soft crates?
Announcing: Wireless, electric and underground dog fences and receiver collars by PetSafe and Innotek.
Midwest K9 Kennels: Chain Link Dog Kennels: Safe, secure outdoor containment.
Select 1300TD: The Crate With Removable Doors: Removable doors? What's that about?

November 2008
Price Increases: What's Changed?
Why Crate Train Your Dog?: It's humane and effective
Midwest iCrates: What is an iCrate?

October 2008
Product Updates: Canine Campers, Day Trippers, Vehicle Barriers.
Life Stages, DD and UL: The differences between the different Midwest Life Stages models.
Midwest Dog Crate Pans: About the ABS plastic pan in your crate.
Three Door Dog Crates: The most veratile of dog crates.

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We needed a crate ASAP. We called on Tuesday and our Ultima Pro 742UP arrived Thursday with no extra charge!

Jennifer, Louisiana Blog

Why Crate Train Your Dog?

Many people think that crate training is cruel, and is like incarceration. The truth is that crate training can help your dog be happy and content, or it can be a source of great distress and that depends on you, the dog owner and how you approach the task. Now, before we continue we have to tell you that we are not trained behaviorists and that you should seek advice from a trained professional.

So, Is Crate training Cruel?

In the wild, dogs will seek shelter in a secluded and safe place. Their life may depend on this. A safe and sheltered location will have a restricted entrance that is easily defended by the dog. In the wild we call this a den and in your home it is the dog crate. It is natural for your dog to seek shelter in this way.

If you do not provide a safe place for your dog, he will likely try to adopt a spot in the home that most closely matches the conditions he would find in the wild. She'll curl up in the corner, under a chair or table, desparate to find a safe place to snuggle up. Chances are that this won't be where you want your dog to stay.

A Midwest Dog Crate will be like home and properly used will be that den that your dog is looking for. Instinctively dogs will not eliminate in their den, so this aids housebreaking. As another bonus, your crate will keep your pet from using your furniture as a chew toy!

Do's and Don'ts

Do make your crate a nice comfortable place for your dog
Do take off all collars or tags to reduce the risk of entanglement
Do secure all latches
Do exercise your pet for at least 45 minutes per day
Do leave her fresh water every day
Don't keep him locked up for more than four hours at a time - come home and let him out
Don't leave your pet with toys or treats that could be a chocking hazard
Don't tolerate aggressive defensive behavior from your dog - some dogs can be "cage guarders"
Don't ever use the crate to discipline your dog

So that's it. A Midwest Dog Crate could be the best thing you do for your dog and your home.

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