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Ovation™ Dog Crate

Ovation™ Dog Crates are a versatile addition to the range. They offer the same convenient features as the other Midwest “Fold & Carry” dog crates, but for the first time feature a door that operates by sliding up rather than swinging out.

The sliding door design allows you to keep the crate open when needed and closed when needed, making the Ovation™ Dog Crate an excellent choice for most households.

“Up & Away Door”

For you, the sliding door saves space, and for Fido it helps his crate become his den. You leave the crate open to allow him to come and go as he pleases.

When you need to confine him, such as when you get visitors, or need to leave the house, the door slides closed quickly, easily and securely.

Ovation™ Dog Crate Models

Midwest Ovation Dog Crates are available in five (5) sizes which are suitable for dogs 11 - 110 lbs.

Ovation Dog Crate Array of Five Models

Ovation 1924
Dogs 11 - 25 lbs

Ovation 1930
Dogs 26 - 40 lbs

Ovation 1936
Dogs 41 - 70 lbs

Ovation 1942
Dogs 71 - 90 lbs

Ovation 1948
Dogs 91 - 110 lbs

Fold it Up - Take it With You

Unclip the front and the back (narrow) sides of the crate, fold them inside the crate and then collapse the whole crate down. There are clips on the side that hold your Ovation Dog Crate together when carrying.

Ovation Dog Crate Folding Sequence Fold Without Tools!

When folded down, the Ovation Dog Crate will be the Length x Width measurements x approximately 3" High.

E.g. model 1936 is 37"L x 25"W x 26¾"H when assembled, and is 37"L x 25"W x 3½"H when folded.

Sliding Door Adds Strength and Convenience

Ovation Dog Crates have a patent-pending “Up & Away” mechanism that slides up rather than swings out. In addition, the secure channel-rail system adds strength and durability, helping to prevent escapes through the door mechanism.

Ovation Dog Crate Door Showing Secure Channel Rail and Latch Mechanism Ovation Dog Crate - Stronger, More Convenient!

If you properly crate train your dog, he/she should see the crate as their secure den.

Ovation Crate is Your Dog's Den

Because of the sliding door design, the Ovation Dog Crate can be left open when needed and closed securely when needed.

No need to remove the door, and the secure channel rail mechanism adds strength and rigidity to the door opening.

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Midwest Dog Crate Guide
Midwest Ovation Dog Crate Logo and Array of Five Crates

Sliding Door Dog Crate

The Midwest Ovation Dog Crate is a folding crate model which features the patent-pending “Up and Away” design. The Ovation™ Sliding Door Dog Crate has some great features:

  • Sliding Door: More secure, more convenient
  • Secure Channel Rails: Easy to open, hard to escape
  • Safety Latch: Holds the door securely closed, or open
  • “Up and Away” Door: He can come and go, no need to remove the door
  • Folding Design: Fold it down for storage, or travel
  • Divider Panel: Crate size adjusts for a growing dog
  • ABS Pan: Water resitant and tough
  • Carrying Handles: Clip on and off for easy carrying
  • Heavier Construction: Long-lasting, tough and resilient

See the Sliding Door Dog Crate in Action

Available in Five Models For Dogs 11 - 110 - Get Yours Today!

FREE Divider Panel

Midwest Ovation Dog Crate Divider Panel

Ovation Dog Crates features a free divider panel. The divider panel hooks over the vertical bars on the sides of the crate and allows you to adjust the size of the crate as your dog grows.

This feature saves you money. Ovation Dog Crates are all you need from puppy to adult!

Why Buy an Ovation Dog Crate?

When used properly, a dog crate mimics your dog's desire to find a safe and secure den and it should feel like a safe place for your dog.

Ovation Dog Crates are wire models and they allow your dog a great view out and provide good airflow through the crate vs. the stifling plastic walls of many other crate styles.

The Sliding Door Dog Crate design allows you to leave the crate open. Your dog can come and go as she pleases when you are around the house. Just slide the door back into place when you need to keep him contained.

Ovation Dog Crates are also heavier than the crates you often find making this sliding door crate a versatile, long-lasting product for you and your dog!

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